IPS Group SA

Who We Are

IPS-Group is a Black Woman Owned Level 1 BEE Company. Established in 2010 and officially registered in 2014. IPS-Group was birthed through the innovative and forward-thinking of the pair who co-founded it. The pair met through a lasting business interaction and wanted to create less frustrating solutions for consumers regarding waterproofing. Thus they were set to task and soon realized that the only way to achieve this was to tailor-make the high performance products they needed to obtain the so high standard they were looking for to utilize in their applications.

IPS-Group was started with the vision of driving high quality products into the competitive industry while offering cost effective solutions to their clients. We are a company with the aim to add value everywhere we go and we do so by offering our clients “Value Added Services” on all projects. This means that we will carry out various scopes of work which are listed as value adds, wherefore the client will not have to pay. “We are honoured to “Give Back” to our clients.

IPS-Group as your trusted service provider, ensures you receive benefits which no other company offers. You are joining a family where you will be looked after for years to come!

IPS-Group utilizes premium raw materials from Sancryl’s product range. Sancryl’s quality, environmental and safety management is globally certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, thus guaranteeing its customers internationally established standards for the quality of products, business processes, safety and environmental protection.

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