IPS Group SA

Our Premium Products

  • Designed, developed and manufactured by Interactive Paint Solutions (Sister Company)
  • Currently the highest quality waterproofing & painting products within SA.
  • Longest guarantees offered with fewest maintenance intervals required. Close to 1 000 000 m² of substrates covered with our products, with zero comebacks and no reported product failures.
  • We are the ONLY company that offers product and workmanship insurance up to R 2 million per project, over and above our public liability insurance.
  • Our 15 to 20-Year guarantees on applications remain at the very top of the industry standards.
  • We offer the only Acrylic Waterproofing Systems that do not demulsify when challenged with stagnant water, making it perfect for ponding situations such as Box Gutters, Flat Roofs etc.
  • Our products are tested & certified by Sancryl Chemicals.
  • We have developed the first and only known Acrylic to withstand over 3600+ hours in the QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester.
  • Testing continues as products have displayed no visible signs of change, let alone failure. These products are exclusive to IPS-Group.
  • Our products meet international standards, ISO 14001 – ISO 9001.
  • Our products cannot be outperformed, especially not at a lower cost.
  • IPS-Group retains all certification to back up our claims.
  • Our products are Eco-Friendly which means that we have a lighter footprint on our Earth, ultimately contributing less towards Global Warming and contributing more to sustainability.
  • Performance coating systems for ROOFS, WALLS, FLOORS & POOLS.

Where our PREMIUM product have been applied

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